Question: Is it scary ?
Answer: Yes !! The Fright Factory has been rated as one of the scariest most realistic haunted attractions in the Puget Sound area.
‘After all isn’t that what you came for’ !!
We do not claim to be ‘spooky’ or ‘halloweenie’ nor  do we claim to be child friendly. Patrons who make it out the back door are usually screaming ! Our repeat customer rate is very high.
Notice to Parents: While there are no age restrictions the staff of the Fright Factory does not recommend our attraction to those under 10 years of age due to the intensity of our haunt, for safety reasons children will not be allowed to be carried. ‘Parents’ you know what your kids can handle better than we do so be aware there are No Refunds once you enter the Fright Factory.

Question: How long does it take to go through ?
Answer: How fast can you run !!
It’s difficult to give an answer since some groups run right through and some people like to take their time to observe the detail and scenes.

Question: How many people go through the haunted house at one time ?
Answer: Normally we send groups of 2 to 3 at a time, we like to keep our groups relatively small so everyone can experience a good quality show. Don’t worry we won’t make you go alone..well at least some of you !

Question: Will the monsters / actors touch me ?
Answer: No, However they do sometimes get up close and personal there costumes or person may bump or brush up against you,that is to be expected after all you wanted to be scared and they’re just trying to do their job, they will never grab you. Please reciprocate the same courtesy and refrain from grabbing or hitting any of our actors. The Fright Factory strictly enforces a zero tolerance policy for violence against our actors and staff.

Question: Are restroom facilities available ?
Answer: Yes porta potty’s are on site.

Question: Do you sell food, beverages ?
Answer: Yes concessions are available.

Question: Will I have to pay for parking ?
Answer: No parking is free just follow the attendants’ instructions Parking is at your own risk.. The Fright Factory is Not responsible for accidents or your belongings on the site.

Question: Does the haunted house accept credit / debit cards ?
Answer: No our ticket booth only accepts CASH. No ATM’s on site.

Question: Are there group rates available ?
Answer: Yes group ticket sales must be arranged in advance for groups of 10 or more. To arrange for group tickets contact us at frightfactory@msn.com

Question: If I’m in line at closing time will I still get in ?
Answer: Yes, If you are already parked and in line you will still get in.

Question: Can I come in costume or makeup ?
Answer: Yes and No, costumes are allowed,however No person will be admitted into our attraction in makeup and Absolutely No Masks will be allowed. No exceptions !

Question: Can I make a reservation ?
Answer: Sorry..we scare on a first come first scare basis.

Question: Are you open in inclement weather ?
Answer: Yes, 98% of our attraction is indoors.

Question: What should I wear & how should I dress ?
Answer: Our attraction surrounds you into its environment including uneven floors,ramps,wet conditions, please wear appropriate shoes,we don’t recommend High heels,flip flops and absolutely no bare feet. Also remember its October so dress for the weather.

Question: Is your attraction a ride or show ?
Answer: No you don’t ride in or sit on anything. This is a walk through haunted house.

Still Have Questions ?
Email us at frightfactory@msn.com