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  • Posted : October 20th, 2016

Top Haunts in America
Washington Top Haunt: Fright Factory
Washington’s Largest Manufacturer Of Screams

The Fright Factory in Buckley, WA
Seattleites, put down your espresso and head south to the dark hills of Buckley, Washington. The Fright Factory haunted house has everything from clowns and ghouls to pitch black mazes that may drive you insane. Not for the faint of heart and not recommended for young kids, but recommended for those ready to look into the abyss. At only $12, the Fright Factory is a killer deal. Bring some canned food for donation and save a buck. Don’t and you’re pressing your luck.

FrightFind It: Fright Factory in Buckley, WA
Runner Up: Georgetown Morgue in Seattle, WA

Top Haunted Houses in America